Blizzard Entertainment!! ^_^

It’s snowing like crazy right now. I’m looking out the window of Ilios Restaurant right now, watching the blizzard come down while I’m waiting for lunch to arrive. I’m having lunch with Phil right now – and I know that you’re probably chuckling as you’re reading this at home, Phil.

So, my vacation has officially begun. I’ve decided that if my paychecks are adequate enough, I might actually be able to afford a Wacom. I was originally thinking about going down to Winnipeg, but I’m not financially sound enough to afford it. Everytime I go down, I almost always spoil myself when it comes to food. So, I’ll make sure that I have enough to spoil myself. Also, I don’t want to make Ian and Alanna feel bad because they would have to work/study instead of hanging out with me.

I’m at home now, working on my latest mix CD – “Hann’s Rock Mix”. It’s good cruising rock music… to cruise to… and STUFF.

Current J-Drama: Long Vacation – Episode 2 [J-TV]

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