Blue Monday

Dear Diary, :P

Well, the day went by like it didn’t. Huh?

Never mind about that.

Anyway, I got to work early by cab, and right away, I sold a TV, Bell ExpressVu system with an extra receiver, a power bar, and a cordless phone with an extra handset all on one ticket. Get this – I even got in 3 year warranties – on everything! Damn, that was one lucky fluke sale.

Lunch time. I had a salmon sandwich with Kimchee noodles. Mmmmmmm…

Mid-afternoon. Dennis and I were SUPPOSED to do tags, but we ended up… not. It was damn busy today for a Monday, and when there were no customers, I checked my e-mail and he played Midnight Club II. I even preordered the DVD bundle of The Fast And The Furious (Tricked Out Edition) and 2Fast 2Furious. It’s released in October, so I’m sure I can have most of my Visa paid off by then to afford the small purchase.

In the midst of mid-afternoon, Eugene and Joe showed up to chat. Ford-skin was gonna help fix the struts on Eugene’s Celica later, so he may be going to Winnipeg tonight. While chatting, Dennis got them (and every other consecutive customer thereafter) to use the muscle relaxer, which I endearingly call “shock therapy bondage machine” or “the tazer”. It’s weird to see people having the uncontrollable shakes a la Smallville.

I’ve been thinking about upgrading that old Compaq Deskpro 2000 of mine, Hirose-chan, by adding more RAM. Instead of buying RAM, I asked a few people I knew if they had any extra PC100 RAM kicking around. If I could just get up to 128 MB, I’ll be chillin’. Don’t know if my extra 128 MB DDR266 RAM would work in there. I’m not gonna tempt Murphy’s Law, so I guess I’ll never know.

After work, I hitched a ride home with Dennis and I proceeded to make supper. I made some beef tortellini pasta with red bell pepper pasta sauce – basic stuff. Still, I was proud of it because after so many months of eating out because of that pigsty of a kitchen that James-see kept, I still got my cooking skills, somewhat. I ate myself quite silly tonight. While eating, I watched some of Bringin’ Down The House with Steve Martin and Queen Latifah. It was funny so far, but Raymond came by to pick me up and do some ExpressVu stuff. At the same time, I got to work on his dual-monitor setup. I gotta get me one of those! ^_^

Back at home, I did the dishes, watched the rest of the movie, showered, vacuumed, and now I’m updating my LJ before watching an episode of Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon before turning in. Wow. Tomorrow, though, I gotta burn off tons of anime while working on Hash’s computer. So, I’m out.

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