Bulk Update

Tomorrow is a day off. Something everybody else is calling Canada Day. I’d like to call it a well-deserved day off.

Blah… last weekend was inventory weekend. It was rough, I got sick on Saturday, right before inventory started. Eating leftovers for lunch really hurts. I guess I have to pace myself and eat a little bit of it at a time, not all at once. We ordered Chinese from my cousin’s, and it was good. Should’ve ordered more CHICKEN BALLS though. On Sunday, we finished inventory with a final tilt of 1.75%!!! After that, tried to get a hold of Ian for our phone call, but he wasn’t there. So, took Esmond to Harry Potter 3 with James-see. After that, we went to get some dinner, but Chicken Delight was closing, and James-see was complaining that A&W was too expensive. I hate leaving a restaurant just as soon as we get there, just because of price. Call it an Asian pride thing, but that’s the way it is. Anyway, long story short, I’m not going out to eat with him anymore. Monday, woke up early, showed up to work early, went home early. Forgot that I was supposed to start at 12 PM. Anyway, I’ve been taking advantage of the businesss DSL in the store and downloading tons of J-Pop, J-Drama, PVs, CMs, and other various Japan-related media (like Ayaka’s Surprise English Lessons – so funny!! ^^). Lee went out of town on Tuesday for Countryfest, and won’t be back until next week Wednesday or so. After that, I’ll probably go down for a week maybe. Gotta do some apartment hunting. Daniel may also have a job lined up for me at Convergys down there. It’ll be better pay than what I’m making right now.

I’m so psyched about leaving town! However, Ian didn’t call me on Sunday, so I’m not talking to him right now… at least not until we get in touch with each other again. Hehehe!

Did I forget to mention? This store is freakin’ hot!!! Somebody fix the A/C!! >_<

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  1. Yeah we do need to talk. Plans may have shifted somewhat. I have a day off on Friday, so that might be a good time? Any other day would have to be late-late at night, if you’re working, so that’s probably no good.

  2. i be in winnipeg with alanna sooon!!!!!!! *L* u be there?

  3. I have an idea. How about we talk yesterday night? Does that sound like a plan? Perfect, then. I’ll await your call. That was a good call. I’m glad we brought up some issues that needed to be dealt with. However, everything is still under speculation, so we won’t know unless we try. Anyway, I have to go chainsaw somebody. Later!

  4. For sure! I’m going down next month on the 10th for maybe a week, and then I’ll be moving down in early September, maybe late August.

    You’re moving or visiting??

  5. lol i’ll be there from the 23rd of july to the 28th. *L* and its only visiting this time.

  6. Oh. Well, so much for that. -_-

  7. lol sorry! i will be out there again. we meet up then!

  8. For sure!

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