Burning and Working and Eating and Sleeping… Where is Everybody?

Stuff has been happening like crazy. I finally got that 4th episode of Summer Snow redownloaded from the torrent source this time, and it works like a charm! Now, I gotta get the other torrents going.

It seems as though the more I don’t want to download anime, the more I end up downloading anyway. I finally finished Shaman King, and I burned off three series last night, and now I’m starting some new ones! The original Sailormoon DVD rips have been torrented, and the same with Sailormoon SuperS. So, I started those. It’s so cool, I never got to see the original BSSM, and in the original 2nd episode, they cut it because Umino and a bunch of guys do very bad stuff, like breaking windows, harrassing teachers, and flipping up the skirt of Haruna, giving viewers a panty shot. The original BSSM is no kid’s show, that’s for sure. Would you still believe that it was made by a woman?

So, I got paid today. Actually, I should rephrase that as “money was transferred through my account”. Basically, I got paid by RadioShack this morning, and the first thing I did was send money to my bills. I’m on a roll! I am… broke. But, that’s okay, because I’m slowly getting debt free. I think I might be able to actually go to Japan next year if I keep this up! ^_^

Well, not much else is happening today. You’ll notice that I stopped using the Tahoma font for today’s entries. Might as well make use of this LJ style’s font.

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