I’ve been so busy at work lately that it’s sucked up a lot of my time. I did recently watch Equilibrium on PPV, and it rocked! It was a little bit gory at the end, but it was done in a cool way, like in… umm, my mind is blank, so I can’t think of any movies!

So, haven’t really worked on the new manga yet, but I swear I will! I actually haven’t been spending much time on my computer, even my new one. All I do is queue up anime downloads. I haven’t really been downloading too many new series, just finishing off the series I’ve already collected. In the past month, I only started on two new series – Onegai Twins and Divergence EVE. Not bad for slowing down.

Finally got in my new CDs – Hamasaki Ayumi: & and Sonin: Hana. Stupid Purolator dropped it off at the post office, who didn’t call me and was holding it for a good week or so. They would have sent it back if my mom and aunt didn’t go to check on their own parcels. Stupid, lazy, post office workers…

Anyway, it’s sleeptime. If I keep on going like this, my LJ entries will become less frequent and more short! Crikey.

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