Can you tell me how to get… how to get to LiveJournal today?

Hello, and welcome to the LiveJournal entry of the day! This entry was brought to you by the file WININIT.EXE, the memory reference 1EB4:00C7, and the command xf86config. ^_^

So, I’m not at home right now. I ended up going to my parents’ house after work because Esmond’s computer wasn’t working. Well, I fixed it, otherwise I wouldn’t be typing this entry, now would I? ^_^

He was running Win98, and his WININIT.EXE file was missing, so I just went and extracted it from the Win98 CD I had kicking around in my binder.

The last two nights were CRAZY. It was inventory weekend. Joy. We didn’t leave the store until 2 AM, Saturday night. After the Sunday morning meeting at the Kingdom Hall, I went home, grabbed a change of clothes, and went back to the store to finish up. When I got to the restaurant, that’s when Esmond told me the sad news about his computer not booting up. Poor boy!

I’ve had a nickname for Esmond ever since he was a baby, and I still use it with him now. I suspect that he doesn’t like it much because he’s trying to shed his baby image and be a normal teenager – but the whole family won’t let him! Hahahaha. Too bad for him. He shouldn’t have been born so late. ^_^

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  1. Hey, it’s not his fault he was born so late! It’s his Mom and Dad’s fault for taking so long to decide whether or not they should have a third kid. So in essence, he IS a normal teenager. ‘Cept whenever he’s at home. Which is unfair for him. ^_^ And I’m talking about myself in the third person….Scaary…..

  2. Sure, baby boy.

  3. ARRGH!

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