Canada Sucks!

I hate this country. Everytime I go online and see a neat new service, it’s only offered in the States. And if, by some obscure reason, that service is offered in Canada, it’s like the welfare version of that service. I went to see if I could rent Disgaea or La Pucelle: Tactics for PS2 from either Rogers Video or Blockbuster, and neither place had them. So, I went browsing on the Net for anything to placate my urge to play these games – I downloaded some cool video clips of the games in action. Then, I came across, much by accident, and found out that they rent games for $20 a month – no late fees, no due dates, unlimited games per month, and free shipping to and fro. What a deal! The downside – they don’t ship to Canada, and I don’t blame them, due to Canada Customs, who I am still not very fond of because of their communist plot to make me pay as much duty and taxes for stuff I can’t buy in this frickin’ country. I found some other cool places, but they also don’t ship to Canada. I finally found two places in Canada, but like I mentioned above, they are crippled versions of these services, and don’t even carry a lot of games anyway. Canada has a crappy demographic, so we have less technology and business varieties. You may think I’m shitting on Canada as a country, and you’re right! Maybe a bit of Japanese history is much needed here – economize and grow FAST!

Oh yeah, I broke down and bought an LG DVD burner with 8X write on both DVD+R and DVD-R media. Cheap – only $125! I bought some DVD+R discs. The drive should arrive at the end of this week. I hope. My computer needs the anime cleared off ASAP the sausage. I wonder if I should also break down to buy Disgaea

The papers have been signed, and HFC also made a few mods for me. As loathe as I am to do it, they gave me $2000 to be put into my account. It will help with emergency fundage, since I am getting close to the deadline and getting nowhere close to the intended goal of savings. However, if I don’t need the cash, I’ll give it back to them. Done deal. Either way, it looks as though I’ll be getting a 2nd job in the city (or a replacement job). BestBuy or FutureShop… hmm…

I should also call up Daniel and see if he has a job for me. Even though I hate fixing comps, if it pays better, I’ll do it. But if I can get a job coding… why, that would be even better! It is, after all, the job I’ve been looking for down there anyway! ^_^

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  1. I like Canada fine.

    But those duties will be the end of me. Or atleast of my good credit.

  2. littlefreeze says

    I LOVE Disgaea. . . . I’m sorry that I write about it sometimes. . that probably wants to make you play it even more. . if it’s any consolation. . it took me four months to find it.

  3. Yes, the duties are the bad stuff.

    I do a lot of things on the Net, so the kind of services I look for are the ones more convenient for me. I’m only hating on the country because of a lack of those services. I couldn’t really care less about the government, laws, taxes, and stuff like that. All countries have these kind of problems anyway.

  4. Disgaea is the cool! Don’t feel bad about writing about it. I actually heard about it on Gamespot, and I’d been meaning to play it eventually. No thanks to that site, another one I got my eye on is Suikoden 4 – fun!

    Besides, if Disgaea wasn’t good, it wouldn’t have needed to be re-released, ne?

  5. Current Music: Hoobastank: Same Direction

    I love Hoobastank. Wait– I love them, based on the two songs I’ve heard. XD;;

    I have nothing to say about the games ^^;; since I’m not a gamer much (besides RO?), but heavy taxes will kill anyone. (x.x);; DVD BURNER ♥ I would like to get one eventually with all the stuff I d/l… XD;; Good luck with getting another job! >:D You can never have too much money…?

  6. If you ever get a chance to listen to the new album, The Reason, the entire album is good… for a non-Japanese band. Hehehehe.

    DVD burners are the awesome! You can fit most series in one DVD. Hehehe.

    Thanks – I’m gonna need it because I can’t seem to find my friend now. I hope he hasn’t moved out of the city… or the country… -_-;

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