Capcom crazy!!!

It’s the year of Capcom so far, and they’re leading the way with two hot titles for PS2.

Shin Onimusha – DAWN OF DREAMS
PlayStation 2 Game (NTSC J)

A new villain, a new hero, a new allies system, this game looks like the game Onimusha 2 would have been proud of. This time around, they went with Hamasaki Ayumi to provide the OP and ED themes. ETA – 2006.01.26.

DEVIL MAY CRY 3 Special Edition
PlayStation 2 Game (NTSC J)

YOU GET TO PLAY AS VIRGIL!!! I’m sorry, did I come off as an uber geek? Anyway, the inclusion of Virgil as a playable character along with his own storyline makes this game almost like an expansion pack, but with the full original game included. I almost cried when I saw this title. ETA – 2006.02.23.

Now that my Japanese PS2 is in my room, I can easily play my NTSC J games in the comfort of my own room. I’m such a geek! Speaking of geekness, here’s a taste of some. This new anime series, Kashimashi ~GIRL MEETS GIRL~, is good. I know the whole gender bending twist has been used a lot, but this time, it’s more of a Tenshi Na Konamaiki meets X-Change with some aliens and genetic reconstruction thrown in for good measure. All in all, it looks like an anime school-life drama with some yuri and sci-fi elements thrown in. Scouring for the manga? Oh, yeah.

Dad had a spare battery for me to try out – we installed it, tested it, and found out it was dead. Hooked up a battery charger to it, so it’s charging right now. I’m gonna try it out in a couple of hours.

When my car was in the parking lot last night, part of the driver’s side door handle was broken and hanging loose. Now, it’s gone (must have fallen off on the way home last night). Some jerk or drunk must have tried to pull real hard on it, causing it to snap. That pisses me off, now I have to go order a new door handle for no reason. Why can’t people respect each other’s property? Playing pranks is okay with me (stealing Lee’s garbage cans or tossing them up on his roof – priceless), but to go so far as to cause damage is a load of bull. I say these people are no better than Canada Customs (cheap shot).

I need to hit TS today after the hobby store, I need a 3 foot long audio composite extension cable to get my PC to reach the receiver from its new position. I was gonna buy a switch too, but I don’t need one now that a quick reset of all the devices worked like a charm. Oh yeah, I was hooking up my spare router-turned-switch to my laptop, and I kept getting an IP address conflict. So, I swapped ports on the router-turned-switch, and that fixed it. Once I logged on to WoW and joined the perfect group for the Stockades, I got disconnected. Fine, I logged back in, joined back up with the party, and got disconnected again! So, finally, I gave up, unplugged the network cable, and just connected wirelessly. Worked like a charm. This morning, I troubleshot the damn problem – resetted the router and the router/switch, as well as the DSL modem. Everything worked like a charm, every computer got a different IP. Esmond’s been playing WoW for the past 30 minutes without fail, I pinged all the PCs in the house – easy money.

Almost got a full level last night – finished the series of SW quests after the Stockades too, with the help of Bernie (a dwarf priest), who I haven’t fully shown appreciation for, even after the multiple thanks. Now I have to collect any quests for BFD, if there are any. If anybody is interested in playing, I play on the Elune server, and my character is Mikura, Night Elf Rogue. I probably won’t start playing until after I run my afternoon errands, though.

Have an idea to build a server coming up, since we have so many PCs in the house. Check back later if interested.


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