Cappuccino. Dangerous Stuff.

I went to the new coffee house in town tonight with James H after fixing a computer. I had my first cappuccino in years, and they were nice enough to make it with soy milk! Wonderful place, I’d definitely go back, and the carrot cake was awesome!

So, I got the NIN tickets. I got four of them!! I’m gonna keep two for Eugene and I, and sell the other two on eBay. There’s our hotel money. Toronto, here we come! It’s gonna be the first time I’ll ever be in Toronto. I’m excited.

I’m reading more PEACH GIRL. What an awesome series! Fanboy time! That Sae is such a mean girl!! I’d wish that Momo would actually slap her around, but that would be out of character for her. I sure hope that Sae actually does learn her lesson, though. That idiot, Toji, is too damn lucky to have Momo as a girlfriend, but he keeps falling for Sae’s evil schemes! Even though Kairi is a hentai-sukebe-baka I see some potential between him and Momo. At least Kairi hangs out with her and seems to care for her, not like Toji, who keeps hanging out with Sae! なんでやね!? Spend time with your girlfriend, not with her so-called best friend, you moron! Okay, それはおわりだ. So, yeah. I’m really getting into it. I’m like a male fangirl or something. :P

I can’t wait for my new monitor and hardware! It’s gonna be sweeeeeeeet to be working again! My poor Hagiwara is gone for now. Well, I still have that old eMachine that used to be Fubuki, so maybe I’ll turn it into a Linux or FreeBSD thingy or something. Well, something to tide me over until I can afford a G5.

Current Music: Ootsuka Ai – Kingyo Hanabi

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  1. Which coffee house is that??

  2. It’s called Northern Flavors. They just opened up where the old Plaza Florists shop used to be. You know, that small shop across from Ford?

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