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Isoyama Sayaka

More anime figure goodness! I snagged the second edition of the Kazami Mizuho figure from Neowing, and the second version of Kasumi (from the Dead Or Alive games) in the blue dress. I also got two sexy figures of Ouba Eimi from COMIC PARTY and Unchou Kanu from Ikki Tousen. In addition, I went to a local hobby store with Esmond, and they started to carry more Japan-related goods for cheap, so I pre-ordered the Natsume Aya and Natsume Maya figures (from Tenjou Tenge). I also bought three manga – Gacha Gacha #1, RIZELMINE, and Kamichama Karin #1. I missed going to that hobby store – I used to go there after school all the time with my friends, and I racked up quite the expenses there. It was great! Now that they can order in manga and figures, I’m down in it again. Sweet!

Almost done reading Gacha Gacha… it’s too bad I can’t post scans since I don’t want to rip up or bend my manga to do so, because this is one naughty story! The situations and such kinda remind me of the classic Sakura Tsuushin… there’s a lot of unfulfilled sexual tension that’s bound to snap, so I can’t wait to see where it leads in the later volumes.

Kore Ga Watashi No Goshujin-sama
Anime Episodes #7 to 8

Hadaka no apron idea!

There’s no reason for her to be naked on the front lawn, but I like it.

Wai~! Mini maid!

Sleeping together. ^_^;

So, Izumi was offered to be an idol by a company, all thanks to Mitsuki’s scheming. However, she needed time to mull over the decision. The story seems to be getting a bit more serious… thanks goodness for fanservice and comedy.

m-flo Loves BoA – the Love Bug

In an animated elevator.

In the clouds.

I heard the song a long time ago on avex Radio, and I only recently got a chance to watch the PV. I like it – stylish and such. BoA is one of those girl-next-door types that you just can’t picture in an ecchi way. At least, I can’t. She’s cute, but I just can’t picture her in a lewd way. There are some girls I just can’t think of in that way, even if I forced myself to. Like any of the Hello! Project girls.

Current Music: m-flo Loves BoA – the Love Bug

Well, if I watched the PV, of course I’ll post the song here. I also can’t exactly post the same song I did from the last post – even if it’s still in my head.

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