I went to Churchill on Wednesday with my goo-ma by train. It was a 13-hour train ride, and I slept my minimal eight hours on the way, but I read my book (Christine Feehan’s Dark Legend – awesome goth romance!) and worked on my laptop which has Linux installed on it now. I went back to Mandrake 7.0, and it runs faster. However, all the text editors for GNOME and KDE don’t work well with word wrap, so writing HACK-R has been a pain in the a$$. However, I managed to presevere. I think it had to do with the “been using Windows too long and got too used to it” mentality that I kept. Hahaha.

Dammit! I’ve been inspired by Serial Experiments Lain ever since I finished watching the DVD and it made me wanna finish writing HACK-R. However, music gives me inspiration and I had no music that kinda had the “Lain” sound to it. So, I browsed through my MP3 player and came across hitomi. Hmm… I was immediately struck with ideas. Since Sammi is pretty much powering the inspiration music behind my other two series, Tawainai Seimei A and Kuniaki’s Roommates, due to the romance-type sound, I wanted something hard and rockish, with a raw element to it. Plus, futuristic song titles would be nice too, so I listened to my hitomi: LOVE LIFE album and I was immediately given the miraculous inspiration to picture HACK-R in my mind the way I envisioned it. hitomi‘s music is kind of like a cross between the pillows and Aikawa Nanase, except that her voice is a bit high-pitched. If I do make my anime a reality, I’ll probably approach these artists and get licenses to have their music as the soundtracks for these anime. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about making rough garage anime clips with Flash and offering them online, but I’m still pretty busy these days, so we’ll see what happens! Hopefully, I can find some better text editors for Linux. I hope I can get my stupid NIC working in there too!

I helped my cousin, Soon Keat, to order in a computer for him from NCIX. It’s a nice beast of a machine, but NCIX stopped assembling systems for free, so I decided to do it instead. It’s been a while since I built a system from scratch. The parts came in just a few minutes before we left for the train to Churchill. Hehehe. I put it together yesterday at work, and so far, so good. My biggest problem was with the heatsink and fan. It was huge, and I didn’t wanna break the processor. Luckily, I got it on without fail, but I didn’t get an extra IDE cable with the mobo, so I had to go home to get it today. I just finished installing the OS and getting stuff installed. I tested out WarCraft III and the Shaolin Soccer DVD. I copied Jedi Outcast without any problems (24x burners are sooooo fast!). While I was setting up the 5.1 speakers, an old friend of mine, Minky-chan, showed up to order some food. She’s probably one of the only true anime otaku in town other than me who likes pretty much any anime. Hahaha. Anyway, we caught up on stuff while she waited for her food and I gave her my MSN, so we’re chatting right now. It’s a relief that she’s using MSN now, since I abandoned ICQ a long time ago. Anyway, tomorrow is the final testing day for my cousin’s computer. I’m gonna put it through the rugged testing phase of timed graphics rendering and stuff, and see how the processor temperature holds up. Once that’s done, I have to get some CDs for his brother, Soon Jow, made. I have an itchy finger right now. I wanna buy some more hitomi CDs and preorder Hamasaki Ayumi‘s H single. I guess I have to wait for now, since I’m trying to get out of my deep debt right now! I’ll try to get updated more often. I hope!

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