Clouds Update

I got a bunch of pictures taken today. Here are two samplers below.

This one was taken in the parking lot of the arena. I got an awesome shot right at the sun. I had to play with the manual exposure settings a bit to attain this without leaving reflections or a rainbow.

After tweaking the previous settings, I changed my natural lighting to a fluorescent setting. It gave me the desired effect here – a very rich blue sky.

Tomorrow, after work, I’ll be throwing my videos on to computer to free up some tapes, then I can start using the camcorder. I was thinking of propping the tripod in my backyard porch, and then aiming it almost vertically.

By the way, my LJ paid account expired last night. I renewed it this morning, after seeing how much suck cranked up. So I turned down the suck, eh? ^^

Additional Resources

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  1. totoromelody says

    Oh WOW. I love these pictures. :3 Cloud pictures are always lovely imho. Do you work/live near woods? I see some trees poking from the bottom and hm… a cross. Is there a church too? ^^

    I’m just curious, not sure if you know since you renewed your acct. When you switch from a paid user to a free user, does your icons go down to 3 again? *whistles*cough*interested-in-only-the-icons*cough*

  2. I agree, the pictures are beautiful. I actually live near woods, there is a forest right behind my house. My house is on the edge of town. But, anyway, I drove to a different location to take these pictures (but the second one was taken from my restaurant, which is on the other side of town). The cross you see at the bottom of the first picture is actually an electrical pole. Beyond the woods is a street of houses. ^^

    Anyway, about LJ, when you drop from a paid user to a free user, your icons drop down to 3. You don’t lose the other icons, they just become disabled. However, I don’t know how they figure out what icons you use, because they randomly chose three icons (but I happen to use them the most). Maybe they choose the most recently used icons or something.

    Guess what, though? They now offer a cheaper payment plan that gives you the icons, so yay for you! ^^

  3. I’ve always liked your cloudscapes. You seem to find some very serene ones, almost every time.

  4. I know. I’m the best. XD

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