Hey, all. Some people have been asking me why I stopped allowing comments and stuff on my entries… and why most of my updates are Friends only too. Well, here’s the answer: I found out that Ali Landry is married to Dustin Diamond, so that REALLY set me off.

Seriously now, I remember the reason why I stopped using LiveJournal almost a year ago… because of some comments I got to an entry that should have been private in the first place. Besides, the LiveJournal is more of a personal place to put my thoughts. If I feel like sharing, they will be Friends only. If I feel like allowing commenting, it will be on non-trivial things like polls or stuff that I think other people should know. I think this works out better for me in the long run. If I don’t share, I don’t get scared off or hurt. Besides, isn’t it better to silently read about my life than not hear from me at all?

Eventually, I’ll start making my entries public later. But, if you don’t see a comment link, don’t comment on it in a later entry, please. Respect my privacy. Respect my right to keep some secrets. Most of all, respect me. Thank you for understanding.

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