Crazy Go Nuts Long Time!

Umm… so, yeah. It’s been a really really really really long time. So… what’s up, everybody? I realize that I haven’t even been online on MSN or AIM for a long time too. I log on here and there when I’m at work, but you won’t catch me online at home after work. Why? There’s a good reason. It’s called IRC. Hehehe. I’ve been fserving stuff on #[email protected] for a while now. Basically, most of my free time is spent downloading anime, watching it, and fserving it out for people to download. I still haven’t caught up on my old anime, but I’m all caught up in watching most of the new ones. Hehehe.

Right now, I’m wrapped up in these current series: Nanaka 6/17, Gad Guard, E’s Otherwise, Happy World!, D.N.Angel, and Uchuu No Stellvia. I also made a $700 J-Pop order sometime last month, and I’m listening to all of it (except for Misia: KISS IN THE SKY, because I still haven’t received it yet). I ordered too much, I think. Hahaha. Too much J-Pop all at once is hard to fixate on a particular album, but that’s all good. At least I’ll have lots to listen to. Here was what I ordered:

Aikawa Nanase: ID:2
day after tomorrow: futurity
day after tomorrow: ELEMENTS (Bonus DVD Limited Edition)
day after tomorrow: ELEMENTS (Bonus 2CD Limited Edition)
HAL: As long as you love me
HAL: Violation of the rules
Hamasaki Ayumi: RAINBOW
Hamasaki Ayumi: A BALLADS
Katase Nana: Babe
Katase Nana: Babe (Bonus DVD Limited Edition)
Koda Kumi: affection
Koda Kumi: grow into one
Misia: KISS IN THE SKY (Kanzenban Limited Edition)
Nakashima Mika: Aishiteru
Nakashima Mika: Love Addict
Sonin: Tsugaru Kaikyou No Onna
Uehara Takako: pupa (Limited Edition)
Utada Hikaru: Distance
Utada Hikaru: DEEP RIVER
Utada Hikaru: COLORS
Utada Hikaru: COLORS (DVD)
Utada Hikaru: UH LIVE STREAMING 20 Dai Wa Ikeike! (DVD)

That’s a lot, ne? Anyway, work is hectic as usual, and I even got to start cooking at the wok at the restaurant. I’m slowly trying to get HIOS Life done, one panel a day. It should keep my drawing skills going. I also came down with the flu a couple weeks ago. It was so bad, everybody said I had SARS. Hahaha. I still have a bit of a cough leftover from the flu, and it’s just annoying, that’s all. Nothing to keep me bedridden. But, man, I couldn’t even sit in front of my computer to watch anime, so I watched a lot of movies and Family Guy and Friends on DVD. So, when I think about it, I have been a bit busy.

On a sad note, Dennis, my co-worker, had to go through the ordeal of losing his mother to death right when I caught the flu. Even now, after two weeks, he’s still mourning. He comes in once in a while and he seems okay, but he and his mother were close, and I’d be in pieces if my mommy passed away.

Well, this summer, I’m gonna hit the golf course and try my hand at golf. My uncle loved golf before he passed away, and I have lots of friends, Dennis included, who wouldn’t mind dragging me to the driving range (in fact, they insisted ^_^). I also have to fit violin into my busy Sunday schedule, and Japanese lessons need to be done more regularly. Bible studies need to be done too. I have to remember to pick up a highlighter at Wal-Mart today. Anyway, I have to head downtown to pick that up right away, as well as some odds and ends. Apparently, I’m making fried rice tonight for James-see and I, but I have absolutely no idea how I’m gonna do that when he didn’t steam the rice last night.

Well, I think I’ve updated enough. Ja ne!

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