Curry Rice… ;_;

Man, after watching Sonin’s first PV, Curry Rice No Onna, I have a craving for curry rice! Hahahaha.

Now that I have DSL back, it just occurred to me that I can download PV’s again! Man, I’m such a f00g.

Oh, well, I’m bored. It’s early in the morning and I have to start a Bubblegum Crisis 2040 marathon with my roomie. Anyway, I have to make a list of my next CDJapan order later, since it’s only one week away from payday. Hopefully, I’ll REMEMBER to use that 500 yen coupon!!!

And… 12 hour work days are getting hard, but I’m sure I’ll adjust. Chinese are supposed to be hard working, huh? Hahahaha. Yeah, right! I’ve been so un-chink my whole life, it’s not even funny! When did I suddenly decide to become full-chink, anyway? I guess that $16,000 (CDN) debt is hanging over my head there…

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