I just lost ALL my Anime on my first drive! 40 GB is gone!!! I idiotically let Fix-It Utilities clean up unecessary files and it cleaned out my Anime and JDrama… which I left in the Temp folder!!! WHY?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d have to download it from Streamload, because I can’t get them from BT anymore…

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The one with all the Lesson Reviews.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this blog ever since I started using Hummingbird last fall. So, I decided to try an idea of mine called Lesson Reviews. Essentially, it’s more of a “what I learned from X anime” than a review, but the thing is, there will be good and […]


  1. totoromedley says

    Do you have something called “Go Back”?? Its a part of Norton. Or if you have WinXP, I believe there’s also a function to revert your hard drive back to … a certain point. ;__; That’s kinda bad.

  2. No, the sad thing about both the Norton Restore and WinXP’s Restore is the fact that it only reverts your system files back to a restore point, not any personal data you may have had. The only way I could recover those files is to take it to a hard drive specialist in the city, but they charge thousands of dollars for that because they’re basically doing a sector by sector copy of the drive and rebuilding a new NTFS/FAT table. Usually, this method is only used for highly secure files like government or barrister records. First of all, I’m no lawyer, and second, I don’t have that kind of money, sad to say.

    It’s kinda ironic… I fix computers for so many people, but I can’t even fix mine correctly because I make stupid, rash decisions without thinking them through.

  3. oh boy that sure stinks. When I lost my hard drive a year and a half ago I cried. YUP. Cried…

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