Dad Is An Enemy Of The Planet!!!

Azuma Kiyohiko is at it again! XD

Okay, I LOVED Azumanga Daiou – who didn’t? When it ended, I was very saddened, but I revisited the anime several times, and I’m still reading the manga. Now, I’m reading through Yotsuba To!, Azuma’s first non-strip, serialized manga, and I’m laughing so hard!! Who would have thought that Azuma would once again take ordinary situations, take simple concepts, and warp them completely out of proportion with the wackiest characters you could ever meet?! I love it!

I’m not gonna stop ranting and raving about it, so I’ll just tell everybody that you MUST download this manga! Scanslated by Akatsuki Manga, of course.

I excitedly await the release of the anime (you KNOW there’s going to be one).

Current Anime: Full Metal Panic! – 7 to 13 [AnimePitStop]
Current Manga: Yotsuba To! – 1 to 7 [Akatsuki-Manga]

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