Damn it.

I finally got Mitake finished on Sunday. She’s running fine now, with no data loss that I can account for… yet. Who knows, the week is still young.

More bad crap happening. I finally took my car to MPI to get a claim for the damage done this past winter – they want to write off my vehicle. The damn thing is still roadworthy, so why the hell would they want to write it off?!?! Who cares how much it costs to repair, they’d better damn well repair it. What kind of lame excuse for an insurance company is this? If that’s the case, I’ll simply just tell them to go fuck themselves and fix it myself with my own money. Fuckers.

So, hey, this job has made me a cynical pottymouth. That’s more good news. Not.

On the up side (WHAT up side???), I’m actually getting a bit better at piano. I can somewhat play Canon with BOTH hands. Not only that, but I got a bit more (boys, be) ambitious and figured out how to play NIN’s A Warm Place. Sure, I’ve figured out how to play a wide variety of tunes on the piano such as Eyes On Me (from Final Fantasy VIII), Aerith’s Theme (from Final Fantasy VII), that theme from Winter Sonata (no thanks to Mom and AM), one of BGMs from Naruto, and various other songs, but A Warm Place is the actual first song that I figured out both hands on. Pretty cool – I feel kinda silly for not taking piano sooner so that I could perhaps go into a music career of sorts, but oh well. It’s more of a fun hobby for now, so I’m content with that.

Got a chance to watch that Korean movie, My Little Bride. What a cute movie, albeit slightly pedophilic. Still, it’s more of a romance than anything else, so get your heads out of the gutter.

This week, I get to follow up with my applications to INCO and Hydro. Yay! Wait, I haven’t gotten either job yet, so it’s too early to celebrate. Still… yay!

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