Damn punks.

The crawlspace in the basement flooded last night. We picked up a water-vac and sucked it all up. Then, it all came back. Since the crawlspace ceiling is so low, I had to crouch to do all the vacuuming, but all for naught. I ended up with disappointment and a dislocated back (and misguided sympathy if you believed that). My back did hurt, though. I rented The Forgotten and watched it after all the needless work. What a nicely freaky movie. I couldn’t sleep right away after watching that. Hehehe.

Work sucked again, as usual. Running around mindlessly, fixing problems that didn’t need fixing in the first place, and being expected to immediately fix problems that I’ve never been trained for. Bastard company. I snuck away early because I felt like it.

When I got home, dad had the new hot water tank. I guess the old one choked, which caused all the flooding. I had to go to the WP to run it while dad was working on getting the tank installed. He even took tomorrow off to do it. WHY?

Work wasn’t so bad, except that I was sleep-deprived, over-worked, and overly annoyed. The reason for my annoyance was because of these damn kids that kept coming in, making racial slurs, and being a general nuisance. A couple years ago, some idiot thought that it would be a good idea to build a Boys & Girls Club next door to us, to make a place for kids to go to. Guess what? It brought along nothing but a whole lot of bad elements. These beeping punks keep coming into my restaurant and causing problems. Statistically speaking, the majority of these troublemakers are natives, which just further goes to show that their drunken, gambling, irresponsible parents are doing nothing to help the stereotype surrounding their people. I’ve met quite a few native people in my town, and I even went to school with a few of them, and they are quite pleasant people to know, even the elder ones who keep to their old ways. The rest of them are spoiled, corrupted people who should be swept away to a far corner of this country, and even disinherited as native people. They are anything but proud. I know that punks will always exist somewhere, but when kicking the same kids out of your business several times doesn’t get through to them, you can’t help but feel as frustrated as I do.

I came up with a neat story for a one-shot manga. However, I already have a lot on my plate, so I don’t know if it’ll actually get done. I guess I’ll write down the ideas and hope I get around to doing it. I gotta stop coming up with ideas.

Ack. I missed my bedtime.

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