I found this hilarious sig on deviantart.

“You think games make people violent? Shut up! I’ll stab you!”

Okay, I love the fact that BitTorrent, mIRC, and Streamload gives me access to a wide variety of Japanese pop culture – anime, music, games, TV shows, drama series, concerts, movies. However… sometimes it’s too much! ^^;

So, it’s time to cut back on stuff. I just got a Wacom and I’ve only truly used it once. I still haven’t drawn seriously with it. I bought $40 strings and I haven’t even strung them on my violin. There are things I want to do that don’t involve the internet. But, damn, I’m so detached from life itself that I’m hooked on my computer. I mean… I bought a 200 GB hard drive and it’s 75% full… how the hell did I get so overboard?

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  1. Getting hooked in is easy. Getting unhooked is a lot harder. The only thing I can really say (an I know from personal experience) is that spending at least two days a week of and away from computers all together has aided my depression and banality a lot. Try it. Pick a way of the week, and promise yourself you won’t once sit on the comp. Do anything. Draw by hand, practice violin. Sit and watch tv, flip channels if you have to. But it helps you feel connected or, barring that, it helps you feel as if you could connect given the choice. And that’s important.

  2. It’s not that I hate computers or anything. I just wish I was doing something more productive with them more often. Watching TV doesn’t really do anything for me, so what I really need to do is sit on the computer and do something that doesn’t involve downloading, y’know?

    Besides, everytime I get out of the house to do something with friends, it usually involves computers. Computers have become a part of life now, like the TV, so we should embrace it rather than avoid it.

    I actually hate the fact that I download so much stuff and I spend less time actually watching it or listening to it.

  3. “You think games make people violent? Shut up! I’ll stab you!”

    Fighting violence with violence…. ^^ so what else is new?

    I love the fact that BitTorrent, mIRC, …

    So very very true~! Although I’ve been trying to keep myself away more often now. It’s not too hard, since I’m always studying, but I do know what you mean. Just pick up another hobby? :)

    Ah… I’m saving up to buy a tablet ^^;; but it’s not going successful so far. I can’t buy anything like a Wacom, considering my parents would freak… they don’t think doodling is too important. ^^; I’m sure you can control yourself… now that you’ve realized! ^_^

  4. Actually, the Wacom I bought was the Graphire3 4×5 tablet, which is the cheapest model around. You should be able to find one online for as cheap as $123, and Future Shop sells them for $150. Doodling is very important! If you get good enough, you can commission your art! Wouldn’t that be cool?

    It would be a lot easier for me to quit downloading so much stuff if I had Japanese TV programming… but the only domestic station available is TVJapan, which is only available in BC, Alberta, and Ontario. I’ve considered hacking my ExpressVu to get DishNetwork, but it’s too bothersome and risky (because American satellite is illegal in Canada). Maybe I’ll just move to Ontario or something. The majority of fluff that I download are TV shows, segments, and CMs. The anime isn’t so bad, I download only my favorite series. Bah, blast that Public Morning Musume Tracker! But it’s so good… ;_;

    Oh yeah, I tried to quit downloading. It didn’t work. In fact, I downloaded even more… ^_^;;

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