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Ono Mayumi

So, paperwork couldn’t be done yesterday, but I was able to order a part for Patrick. I ended up playing Guild Wars with Esmond for a bit, then I wired up the home theatre system until 17:00. I called Visions, who said that my car was ready for pickup. I bussed down Pembina and picked up my car, trying out the stereo. The sound is now really tight! Better overall quality and awesome thump in my subwoofer. On the way back, I ended up stopping by an Asian rental store. Bah – mostly domestic DVDs and HK bootlegs. Garbage. After I got back to the apartment, we went out to a Greek place called Nikos for supper – good food, not so great service. Then, at 22:00, Esmond and I took off to Ian’s workplace on Henderson, during which I killed two birds with one stone by gassing up the car while there. Back at the apartment, we started watching Zatoichi, but we got tired and decided to leave it for the next day.

Today, Ian went out for his haircut and Angela and I made plans to meet up. I drove out to Regent and picked her up at her place, and we went for lunch at The Forks, where we hung out for a couple hours. I picked up a go board! Yay! When I got back to the apartment, we all went out to St. James where Ian and Jazmine took advantage of the ride and bought some goodies at FutureShop. Then, we went to Polo Park to get food, but the mall was closing early due to the summer hours, so we ended up at Moxie’s again. After a hurried supper, we rushed out to Silver City and were able to catch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Good movie – weird, funny, and creepy, but good. We got back to the apartment, went to 7 Eleven for snacks, and watched the rest of Zatoichi, and then I folded up some lucky stars for the wedding reception. Now I’m sleepy, so it’s bedtime. Tomorrow – the wedding rehearsal (and maybe some quick shopping at HMV). It’s storming right now in the city. The cats were sketching out over it.

Current Music: Pantera – Floods

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