Day 4 – The Wedding Rehearsal.

Girl of the Day

Isoyama Sayaka

The wedding rehearsal was humid, muggy, and tiring. I helped Jazmine to create her wedding CDs (which had to be redone again anyway). I also did some tweaking on their home theatre system, so it just sounds golden now.

At around lunch time, Esmond and I headed out to Hooters for lunch. Wings, as usual. We headed off to Polo Park after that and hit HMV as planned. I managed to find Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral (DualDisc Edition), so I snagged that immediately! There was also a 2 DVDs for $30 promo, so I picked up Orgazmo and Harry Potter – The Prisoner of Azkaban. After that, we headed out to Henderson to pick up Ian and Kristina – one of Ian and Jazmine’s friends from their coven that Jazmine is trying to hook me up with. -_-;

We headed back to the apartment, where Ian got changed, and then we headed for Assiniboine Park, where we had the rehearsal and the picnic. It’s a beautiful site for the wedding (obviously). We headed back to the apartment with Keith, one of Ian’s friends, and watched Orgazmo. After that, we shined our shoes and I realized too late that I forgot to buy a dress shirt. Hopefully, Wal-Mart is open today or I am wearing two layers of heatstroke death. Anyway, we played a couple LAN games of WarCraft III before we went to bed, so that was cool.

Current Music: DVDA – Now You’re A Man

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