Day 5 – The Wedding (or The Death of a Single Man).

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Yasuda Misako

8:00 AM. I woke up and updated this blog about yesterday. :P

Okay, seriously. After that, we got dressed and went straight to Ian’s parents’ house. Once there, the groom’s party met up and Esmond charged the batteries for the digicam and the camcorder.

We drove off to Assiniboine Park after an hour of conversing, and the ceremony began. It was so hot and all of us guys were dressed in black! Not only that, but we had to stay for an hour afterwards to take pictures! Crazy weather. We took off to CanadaInns at Polo Park for the reception, where we had a late lunch and I gave my speech. The cake was awesome, though. Too bad I wasn’t feeling well by the end of it – the hot weather, the city’s tap water, and the varied eating patterns all contributed to it, I suppose. We left after the reception died down, giving a ride to Keith and Jill (Keith’s girlfriend). Ian and Jazmine were given a room for the night, so that was nice! Ian forgot his sandals at the apartment, so we needed to go there to get them for him, but not immediately. We dropped off Keith and Jill on Spence, then drove back to Polo Park where we hit the Chapters behind it. I ended up buying more manga there, along with the first Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett, as Ian recommended. Then, we hit SilverCity and bought tickets to watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which wouldn’t show for another hour and a half. That gave us enough time to go back to Ian’s place, get changed, and grab his sandals. We came up with an itinerary for the evening and morning, and then drove back to CanadaInns, where we dropped off the sandals at the front desk and went to SilverCity to watch the movie. After the movie, we went to Wendy’s, headed back to the apartment, ate quickly, then started cleaning the apartment. However, we’re tired, so we decided to hit the sack and start again early tomorrow.

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