Day 6 – I left my heart in Winnipeg.

Girl of the Day

Yamamoto Azusa

We woke up early and continued cleaning the apartment from where we last left off.

EDIT: WTF!!! Blogger is acting all screwed up and it deleted my entire blog entry just now!! SHIT!!!

It took longer than expected, and we finished at almost 11:00, because we ran into Ian and Jazmine in the lobby on our way out. We went to Pancake House for breakfast to meet up with Nico and chat for a bit. Then, we headed to Portage Place, where we hit Oriental Gifts so that Esmond could buy another Gundam model. However, he ended up buying two Gundam models and seven manga! Even though I resolved not to buy anything further, I broke down and bought six more manga. After that, we went to China Town, bought some groceries for Mom, and hit Quizno’s to get some subs for the trip back. However, on the way to Route 90 North, my car started making squealing noises so I had to spend 30 minutes on the phone with Dad to find out that the aircon unit was malfunctioning, so I shut off my aircon and we left town. On the way back, we ran into the craziest lightning storm ever! It was all over the sky surrounding us that I thought we would get hit! Anyway, we made it back without incident, where I showered and slept like the dead.

When we were in Winnipeg, Jazmine and I made plans to do a side-venture to make websites for people, since she has design background and I have scripting background. Sweetness!

Current Music: HINOI TEAM – IKE IKE

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