Devil Never Cry.

I finally finished Devil May Cry for PS2. Okay, you’re probably thinking, ‘Holy crap, that game came out when the PS2 came out! What took this guy so long???’ Well, I bought the game when I went to Minnesota a few years ago. James H, who was my roommate right after that, played the game to death until I got so sick of it that I couldn’t pick it up again until just a few weeks ago. Today, I finally passed it. I’m not too sure if I’ll buy DMC2 and DMC3 right away, even though I loved what I played in DMC3. Seeing as how Japanese games cost an arm and a leg, I might just wait until they become those Platinum Hits games or something.

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance (or the ambition) to post my Toronto experience. Maybe later on down the line – because I plan to post photos too.

Work sucks as usual. Still hate my job, still hate the field. I have plans to just apply at INCO, since Calm Air requires me to take an extensive exam which I have no time to study for, especially since they are only hiring NOW. I know, I said I would never go to INCO, but I guess I need to step up the time to pay off my bills, because after going to Toronto and Winnipeg two weeks ago, I find myself missing the big city life. Ian wants me to move down there, plus Nico and Steve live down there, and they’re fun to hang out with. I would much rather live in the big city than live in this town, which is so far away from everything. Next year, though, Mom wants to go to Toronto with me, and I’m looking forward to it. I really enjoyed taking the subway.

Patrick and Teniele got married on Saturday. It was a great ceremony and I’m glad I was a part of it. The reception was fun too – I usually don’t attend those things, but I wanted to make sure that I familiarized myself with the wedding customs since I’m going to be a big part of Ian and Jazmine’s wedding in August.

Right now, I’m working on my Wild And Tame beta novel project. I really should give it a damn name, but I haven’t moved along far enough in the story to do so. I was doing some research on nature farming in Japan for the novel, but finding particular information is difficult, so I had to give up and save it for later. You know how things go with the internet – look hard for something and you’ll never find it; look hard for something else later on, and you’ll most likely find what you were looking for before.

An old childhood friend found me recently – a Chinese girl whose parents were friends with my parents many years ago. Fortunately, she lives in Winnipeg, and the wedding takes place there, so I’ll have a chance to meet up with her again.

Current Music: I’ve – Doushi You Mo Naku, Anata Ga (Onegai TEACHER BGM)

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