Disaster averted.

After installing the SP2 upgrade, my files were accessible again. WTF. I guess that SP2 installs some kind of upgrade to the NTFS system or something? Maybe an index code is used to build the indexing table or is placed in every file entry? Who knows. I still want to kick this damn machine out the window for giving me all that grief today.

Ian pointed out that my blog wasn’t displaying properly in IE. He was correct. The bug points to the XHTML standard of italicizing – it was causing my menu to drop to the bottom of the page. I guess I won’t be using italics again.

Almost everything is back to normal with my PC. I need to install the rest of my games and get my latest torrents started back up again. In the meantime, I will still be formulating a better backup method, because this whole ordeal was way too scary.

Current Music: Hamasaki Ayumi – walking proud

Additional Resources

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  1. I am glad everything is working better now :)

  2. Yeah, I don’t ever want to go through THAT again.

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