Domain Change.

Well, it’s been a rather busy week (not). I’ve been playing lots of SSX Tricky and trying to install my most important software on Ayumi-chan. Also, I think Kurumi-chan needs to be reinstalled. Mayhaps a new hard drive too? Hmm …nah. I’m planning to upgrade poor Kurumi-chan to a more recent HP notebook later on …hopefully before I move to Japan.

Anyway, I’ve finally bought and it’s currently being set up by my kind host, Ace of Space. They charge the cheapest rates in Canada, but they have the most excellent service ever. If they were to raise their prices, I would not be complaining since the quality and quantity of their services are making me feel like I’m ripping them off. Anyway, I don’t know why I haven’t listed them in my copyright paragraph at the bottom, but I’m fixing that ASAP the sausage. So, is going to be terminated. Good riddance. I found that a lot of people didn’t really mind it, but I’d rather stick with my new nick, thank you very much.

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been lazy. I’m still learning my Japanese, but I’m taking my sweet old time. I MUST keep to a schedule, which is hard, since my schedule is erratic and changes from day to day. If I were to start charging for the services on, it wouldn’t be pretty. Yuck. I cringe just thinking about it. I really don’t want to charge for it, but I might have to charge for a full-print of the まんが if I ever get it started. I still haven’t drawn up any storyboards, since I accidentally started a new らんま (Ranma) fanfict. Umm …oops. Hey, at least I finally finished the first chapter. Anyway, I’ll be tweaking the kode in, and I’ll add the new fanfict soon. I’ll keep you all posted. Meanwhile, check my LiveJournal if you can’t access either or over the next week or so. Hopefully, the transition will be nice and smooth, but there could be a chance that both may go down at the same time. So, until then, hopefully I’ll see you all at じゃね!

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