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Anzu Sayuri

Due to my forgetfulness (and ridiculously busy schedule), I forgot to post the entry from last week. Oops. It’s up now, so there’s double updates to read (if you even want to bother).

Well, I got in my figures of Takase Mizuki from COMIC PARTY, Yuffie Kisaragi from FINAL FANTASY VII, Asuka and Rei from Shin Seiki EVANGELION, and Ren from EREMENTAR GERAD. I also picked up some more manga from the local hobby store – Nodame CANTABILE #1 and #2, Mahou Sensei Negima #7, OTHELLO #1 to #5, GENSHIKEN #1 to #3, Nanase #1, and SAMURAI CHAMPLOO #1. I also received Puyo Puyo FEVER and Tenchu Shinobi Taizen for PSP, and my first ever Korean CD – Lee Hyo Lee’s STYLISH…E (yes, I decided to buy it – it was THAT good)!

I went to the auto body shop to pay for the work done to my car… he gave me a good deal, so I ended up paying less than what he tallied up. My car was in the process of painting, but the doors were done… they looked so sweet!!! I can’t wait for my car to be done so I can take pictures galore!

I still have some leftover cash, so I’m thinking about picking up some manga and J-Pop that I don’t have yet. Still deciding…

In non-Japanese related media news, I bought Madonna’s latest album and the DVD box set of Friends – Season 10. I watched the entire box set – it’s so good, but I still wish it was still running. It was the only reason why I watched TV, but now that’s over. As for Madonna’s latest album, I haven’t heard it yet, but I have it queued in my playlist, so I’ll eventually hear it.

ANIMAL Yokochou
Anime Episode #1


Not movers.


The door was on backwards.

I love these cute animal shows. Like KERORO Gunsou, ANIMAL Yokochou has a lot of wit with characters that go off on a wild tangent explaining everything to Ami, the protagonist… except that all their hilarious explanations never directly answer her questions! I happened to come across this series in a media newsletter that came with one of my Neowing shipments last month, so I decided to check out the first episode. So far, I’m liking it, and it has me laughing like an unstoppable moron. ^_^

Hana Yori Dango
Drama Episode #4


I capture a lot of these ‘sleeping together’ moments, don’t I?

Must have been one of those crazy nights…

Friend turned EVIL!!!

Once again, another episode that makes you want to see the next one!!! Tsukushi finds herself on the receiving end of Tsukasa’s sort-of affections. Good friends and bad friends have their share of the spotlight, and the story of an apple is explained.

Nakashima Mika – concert tour 2004 “LOVE” FINAL
Live DVD

Mika and her wild hairstyles.

Goth-loli apparel.

Full orchestra and band.


If there are any concerts I would die to attend, it would have to be the fully orchestrated J-Pop jazz fest that is Nakashima Mika. With a voice that could melt a candle from fifty paces, she belts out tune after tune with deadly accuracy. Mixing in some old tunes from TRUE with new tunes from MUSIC, she mostly delivers tracks from LOVE, which was the basis for this show. It’s an older DVD, I know, but I just got around to watching it now, no thanks to my busy schedule. Her encore was the best – she came back out to perform my favorite song from LOVEYuki No Hana. In other unrelated DVDs, I recently watched the latest concert DVD of Koda Kumi’s… sadly, she focuses more on dance and sex appeal than actual singing, so I was somewhat disappointed with her performance. (EDIT: I rewatched it without skipping and for Kumi-chan’s older songs, she actually did some singing. I made a hasty judgment, but the first two songs and medley at the start of the concert reminded me of Britney Spears, so I was rather annoyed by it. Skip past it, it gets better.)

Current Music: Lee Hyo Lee – 10 MINUTES

Ever since I heard this album, STYLISH…E, I decided to buy it. Since it’s offered at a far cheaper price than Japanese CDs are, I picked it up right away. Too bad it took almost two months to get it shipped here!!! No more YesAsia’s free shipping!!!

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