[Drama] Nouka No Yome Ni Naritai – Episode 01


Rio-chan is hot.

“Fukada mo GO-GO-GO-“

Family Love?

Series Synopsis: Yoshikawa Wako (Fukada Kyoko) has a dream – to be close to the man she loves. She found that man in Ono Makoto (Nakamura Shunsuke) – a salaryman she met at a goukon (group blind dating). After a month and only one date, he breaks up with her and she wants to know why – except that he left Tokyo and is taking over his family’s business as a farmer! Undeterred, she travels all the way to the countryside to find him. Can a city girl survive in a farming town just to be close to the one she loves? Based on the manga by Ninomiya Tomoko.

Okay, the first episode caught my attention. Not only do you get to see kawaii Kyoko-chan (as well as her singing karaoke to plug her ROUTE 246 song), you get an idea of what farming towns are like, as well as breathtaking views of Japan’s countryside. They introduced a lot of interesting characters in the first episode. Yoshio and Michio, the two kids, are already annoying me with their double speech pattern, and they only had two scenes! Ooshiba Yayoi (Matsumoto Rio), Makoto’s childhood friend, is the token girl who likes the main guy. Rio-chan is hot. The ending was hilarious. I want more. (Torrent: D-Addicts)

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