[Drama] Toshishita No Otoko – Episode 01

“I <3 the utility poles.”

“You can have these flowers
because I don’t want ’em.”

What are you doing to
her mother, man???

Fanservice shower scenes
in J-Drama? ^^;

Series Synopsis: Yamaguchi Chikako (Inamori Izumi) is a 30-year-old woman who feels like her youth has slipped away. The only men in her life is her younger brother’s friend, Tsuji Kengo (Kashu Toshiki), who is trying to woo her, and Izaki Shun (Takahashi Katsunori), an advertising sales manager whom she likes. Chikako’s mother, Yamaguchi Hanae (Fubuki Jun), has fallen in love with the younger Izaki. How will this situation affect the relationship between a mother and daughter?

What an interesting series. It is EXACTLY as it sounds. Hahaha. The crazy, utility-pole-loving Izaki chooses the 51-year-old Hanae over the 30-year-old Chikako. That junior playboy, Kengo, is trying to get Chikako in the sack while simultaneously trying to get with Asami (Hoshino Mari), the girlfriend of Chikako’s younger brother, Taku (Yamazaki Yuta). I think the old man, Jiro (Takahashi Masaya), who lives with Izaki, was in Returner. Either way, it looks like this series is gonna be a catfight of a drama. I hope there are more fanservice shower scenes of Chikako. ^_^ (Torrent: D-Addicts)

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