Dream emissions.

Remember my theory of sleep mechanics I pointed out in my last blog entry? It was well received (ie. nobody complained) so I decided to follow up as promised with my theory of dream emissions.

The theory leads with the idea that people are all insane to some degree, and dreams are our only facet of releasing some of that insanity to balance ourselves. Ever wonder why your dreams don’t make sense? This is because your mind is spouting out so much random insanity at once that everything seems to meld together like a medley of garbage in your wastebasket. A banana peel here, a post-it note there, and maybe even your CRT monitor.

Work drives everybody crazy. We hate it, but we do it. We do it to earn money to make a living and make ourselves somewhat happy in our short, bleak, and meaningless lives (cheer up, I love it). I say this because our lives seem to be always dealing us bad hands more often than not. Let’s face it, the good things in life seem to be short in supply. You stubbed your toe on the door. Oh, but the door is of good construction! You just got in shit from your boss. Oh, but it means he’s paying attention to you! Your colleagues didn’t invite you to their party. Oh, but you don’t have to hang around such idiots anyway! Your spouse just died. Oh, but she’s in a better place now! The sky is falling down. Oh, but it’s still blue! You see? The bad outweighs the good.

However, all is not lost. Otherwise, we’d have gone insane a long time ago. The only way we can seek to find solace is to dream. Dreaming releases all those crazy thoughts that pile up in our head on a daily basis. If we didn’t dream, we’d go insane. However, there are some exceptions to the rule, such as murdering criminals and psychopaths who I’d rather not name. Their dreams probably don’t release enough insanity. Therefore, if your dreams are not insane enough, you might want to consider relaxing and clearing your mind before you sleep. It may help the dreams to become more insane so you can balance yourself out (this application may or may not be successful, depending on the person – you may just be clinically insane and can do nothing about it). My last point to you is this – have you ever seen a sleep-deprived person? They act all moody and unpredictable, and their eyes and other joints dangerously twitch at random. The cure? Sleep! If you can’t sleep, then all of us are in a whole lot of trouble. Seek help from a medical professional (I just have theories, sorry).

Girl of the Day – Isoyama Sayaka

And there’s your “glamourous” reward. Isoyama Sayaka is actually one of the first gravure idols I ever came across. Being a horny teenager, all I liked to look at was nude girls. However, as time progressed and I matured (but not by much), I found myself enjoying the chase more than the reward, so I am constantly titillated by the lure of revealing some, but not all. Recently, I’ve rather enjoyed Kadena Reon’s ‘reveal everything except for the obvious’ lure. I highly recommend Shoujo No Yokubou and LEON on DVD. Many girls attempt to imitate, and I applaud them!

Recently, same-sex marriages have been legally accepted in Canada. I, for one, am appalled at this decision. It’s great that people who want to follow the feelings in their hearts can share it with their friends and family in ceremony. I have nothing against homosexual people – they’re people just like you and me who have the same broad range of tastes, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. However, the act of being gay is just plain wrong, and I am absolutely mortified by it. It should never be publicized the way all the news are doing now, and those things should continue to stay behind closed doors. However, I believe I speak for all the men (except for the gay ones – by gay, I mean either just homosexual or just plain strange) when I say I’m all for lesbians! YAY! Lesbians are awesome!!! Vote lesbians for president!

Uh-oh, I feel the glare of a few billion angry women behind me.

Current Music: *SMASH* *CRACK* *POP* *BANG* *BAM* Ow.

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