Dreamfall – The Longest Journey!!!! >_<

Okay, I loved The Longest Journey. It was probably, in my opinion, the best adventure game ever made (Siberia comes very very close as second, but I digress). Mind you, I still haven’t finished it (after all, it IS the longest journey ^_^;), but I loved every aspect of the game – the moody music, the awesome scenery, and a cute protagonist with a wry sense of humor. And it continues!!

Coming in Fall 2005 (tentatively), the journey continues in Dreamfall, and I can hardly wait! April returns, of course, but with two new main characters. April has gotten rather goth, dark, mature-looking, and HOT! The new chick, Zoe, kinda looks like the young April from TLJ. The new guy, Kian, looks like the guy from the Thief games. From the looks of things, though, April doesn’t seem to be the main character anymore. The whole thing is rather hazy at the moment, but I am definitely putting this game on my TO-BUY-OR-ELSE-I-SELL-MY-LIVER list. Check out the website, look at the concept art and screenshots, and be amazed! Oooh!

No, I am NOT an endorser for Funcom. But, yes, I would like to be. And yes, I would very much like to be a beta tester. ^_^

I’m gonna go install TLJ and finish it. I have until 2005… -_-;;;

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  1. littlefreeze says

    Ano. . you need your liver to live.

  2. I never thought about that… maybe THAT’S why they called it “live-r”. Har har har!

  3. do you mean like garrett thief? guy running around with water arrows and crap? like my favorite game of all time thief?

  4. I think so. I only played a little bit of Thief II, so I’m not too sure. Incidentally, there’s a third Thief game out this month or so.

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