Driven Under.

No, I’m not posting another angst-filled entry. Driven Under is the name of my brother’s rock band. I’ve been designing their website, and soon, we’ll be putting it up online once I get some more material going on it. In the meantime, I’m tweaking the template and getting ready to integrate it with Blogger. Yes, I’m going to have them use the Blogger tool to update their website. It’s easy, foolproof, and can be done from any internet-ready computer.

I am soooooooooooooo tired. I couldn’t sleep last night, no thanks to my stupid stomach. On occasion, my stomach acts stupid and gets me all queasy and nauseous. I hate feeling like that. What’s worse is that because I didn’t get to sleep on time, my stomach will be acting like this all freaking day. I can eat or not, it won’t make a difference. What I need to do is get some more sleep, and it clears everything right up. Unfortunately, work sucks and I have to do it.

Well, I won’t depress everybody too much today. I did some work on WACKY No Jinsei last night during my late night fiasco. I never expected to get that done, but I did. For a while, I was editing text files exclusively, so a lot of my Word files weren’t synchronized with the data in the text files. When I stopped for a while, I forgot where I last left off with editing, so I’m slowly going through each page of every chapter. Oh, and here’s a bonus. I changed my wallpaper again! As much as I love the other one, this one is just as hot hot hot.

My Current Wallpaper – Kumada Yoko
(EDIT: Not available, lost during the fire of 1866. No, just kidding, I forgot to back up all my wallpapers and some pictures during the move to Sorry!)

Current Music: Lindsay Lohan – Rumors (Gave her album a listen last night. She’s hot and sings well, but her musical style is too inconsistent. That’s pop music for you.)

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  1. You should create an active desktop page that ppl can set up to have your same desktop :) Ya got good taste in bods ;)

  2. What can I say? I loooooove the Japanese ladies.

    So, how would one go about creating an active desktop page? Is it like an HTML page with a static <IMG> tag that changes the picture in it as I update them? What about deployment? Do people just download the HTML file and set it as their background? Did I just answer my own questions?

  3. Make an HTML page that will fit a standard desktop (ie. 1024×768). By ‘fit’ I mean put a ‘holder’ image or something in that is 1024px across. A holder image being a 1x1024px image which is all transparent and is basically meant to prevent the browser from collapsing the dimensions of your page.

    The page name stays the same, ie desktop.html, but you keep changing the content. It does not just have to be pics – you can change anything around so it looks good behind a bunch of icons. Some people put calendar widgets, and animations behind it :)

    As for using it, I go to Display Properties -> Web and check “Show active Content on my desktop” I click on “New” and enter the URL for your page. Then I maximize it, and get it positioned properly to cover my entire desktop. Once setup, I right click and select “Lock Desktop Items” – Voila – no more maintenance needed.

  4. I kinda figured it would be something like that. But, using CSS, you can explicitly state the exact width and height of any container, so there’s no need to insert any images.

    But, thanks, you gave me a great idea for a wallpaper in my brother’s band website…

  5. True, but you run into a bunch of cross platform crap when you use CSS-P .

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