It feels like I’ve been doing nothing but driving all day. I would take a nap, but I have to go to work in half an hour. Phooey.

I went to Perrie’s place with my loh-moh and sam-yee to see Ka-Ka and bring her birthday gifts. She’s so cute! It’s too bad I have no money or else I would have bought a camera to take pictures. The weather FINALLY warmed up, but Ka-Ka insisted on putting on the jacket we gave her. She would cry as soon as we started to unzip it. Hehehe! I’m glad that she loved all the gifts. She kept dragging Perrie to the kitchen to get her some more water so that she could play with the cup and bowl. Perrie kept feeling bad about us giving Ka-Ka so many gifts, but when she’s the only baby girl in the family here in Canada, she’s going to get spoiled!! Hahaha! ^_^

Umm… I wanted to buy a new VCR to tape shows from my ExpressVu dish, but the store I buy home entertainment from decided to move. They said that they might open tomorrow. We’ll see. Well, off to work, I go.

I have a craving for banana peppers right now! Ai-yah!

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