DSL Coming Soon …

Well, I’ve had two meetings at Microage, the company that contracted me out to do the DSL installations for my town. The first meeting was on Monday, which was a briefing about the DSL installations and what our limitations of service were. My classmate from college, Billy, was there as well, so it’ll be great to work with him. We set up DSL on a test computer and we were able to connect using ping and ftp, and I downloaded a 23 MB file in less than 6 minutes! However, the web wasn’t working, so it looks as though our PSTN still has to finish the network. However, we spent 3 horus on the phone with a technician from our PSTN just to confirm this. It was alright, because we made a new business contact. I even took home a DSL kit for myself. That way, I can get my DSL earlier. Hehehe. It’s awesome when you’re the contractor – you get perks. Yesterday, DSL was up and running in its entirety. We checked out the web and installed DSL on a computer with DUN installed. We determined that Windows will default to DUN if both DSL and DUN are running simultaneously. When I got home, I put Z-Blockers all over the house and installed my DSL modem. As I expected, DSL wasn’t up at my place yet, so I decided to wait until the 28th as planned.

My website is still AWOL. I’m thinking about calling up my web host in BC to get everything running right away. If they don’t fix it soon, that is. I’ll probably give them until Friday.

I rented “Save the Last Dance” on Monday. What a great movie. It was both fun and touching. I really loved the dance sequences, as well as the final dance that Julia Stiles did. She is truly a great actress. I just rented “Proof of Life” last night. I haven’t seen it yet, but I think it’ll be good. Meg Ryan is the queen of American romance comedies. Hopefully, she’ll shine in this one too. Well, that’s all that happened so far. Check back later. Ja ne.

C-Pop/J-Pop Insight
J-Pop fans may recognize Eriko from the wildly popular girl-band pop quartet, Speed. I loved Speed’s music, and after working with Crunch, Eriko has reverted back to Speed style music with the guitar riffs and pop melodies. “Set Me Free!” is such a great song in that respect, and I hope Eriko releases an album soon with more of this style of music. It makes us fondly remember her days with Speed.

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