DSM Comes To Town

Yeah, so the RadioShack district manager, Tim, came up to town to visit yesterday. For the first time ever (according to him), he was jumping for joy with elation because our sales were up and the store looked absolutely great. Mind you, the only thing he griped about was our RadioShack Power Card sales, so he had a huge meeting about it after work yesterday and kept us for an extra two hours. Mind you, we really learned a lot and I made the Power Card sales pitch at least four times today! Mind you, I only got one two applications done, but I got one approved! So, I was quite happy about it. So was he. Hehehe.

Oh yeah, and as Lee accurately predicted, Tim presented my bronze sales plaque last night after the meeting. So, even though I got the plaque before the summer, Tim didn’t send it because of his urge to present it in person. Maybe it’s a fetish of his or something. Hahahaha.

Highlight of the day: Your DSM is singing “Hot in Herre” and makes Chad nearly choke from laughing so abruptly.

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  1. OMG that’s hilarious .. we just finished our business with RS because they were morons.. :P

    But you’re in the USA, aren’t you?? *LOL* .. I hated dealing with the RS guys .. god they were so stupid!

  2. No way, if I was in the US, I’d be playing with WAY cooler gadgets than I am now! I’m in Canada, but each RadioShack varies from store to store. Which province was this RadioShack you dealt with? There are some pretty bad districts here in Canada, and if the one you dealt with was in a different district than mine, I can actually brag and say that our district rocks.

    Mind you, most RadioShacks hire on the basis of the ability to smile, so I guess my 15 years with computers didn’t count. Aww, man! XD

  3. For some reason I thought you were in the USA .. Huh.. sorry .. ;P

    Well I work for Citi Commerce Solutions.. so if you’ve heard of how “stupid” RS thinks we are, .. well .. RS is pretty asanine .. morons .. we deal with the entire country ..

    Isn’t it scary that we might have spoken on the phone and you just don’t know it?

    We had to handle all the “Yeah, umm.. this person’s card doesn’t work” phone calls when we were NO LONGER doing business with RS .. the sales people calling us were like, “Yeah, I know you don’t handle the accts, but can you give me an authorization on this card??” .. DUMBASSES!

    It’s stopped now, since they finally got the hint (after NOT doing business for a MONTH) .. so thank god.. I hear it was hell to deal with RS during Christmas .. and they had SO much fraud it wasn’t funny ..

    Not that any of this has much bearing on yourself .. :P

  4. Oh yeah! It slipped my mind that you worked for Citi! Hahaha.

    But, yeah… I guess there are more stupid people working for RS than I thought… I mean, it wasn’t hard to figure out that we no longer accepted RS Citi cards… like, duh. Everybody was told this by their managers two weeks before September. In fact, OUR manager even stayed a week in Vancouver BEFORE coming back to tell us about it! So… my hunch is that a few of the managers were too busy stuffing their pockets with free stuff at the convention when they should have been PAYING ATTENTION.

    I guess the old saying goes, “There are no such thing as stupid companies, only stupid people.” ^_^

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