Enpitsu No Yume Update.

Chapter 1 has been outlined, and I’m currently working on Chapter 2. Damn, this is taking a long time, but Chapter 1 is the main foundation, so I wanted to make sure it was detailed. The other chapters will be easier to do, since they won’t be as important. I hope.

Damn, working late all the time (can’t call it overtime if I don’t get paid for it) these past two weeks due to the huge backlog of calls I have. I haven’t played Xenosaga since… umm… two weeks ago!! Also, since I’ve been working on Enpitsu No Yume when I get the chance, I haven’t done any work on my other fiction.

Well, heading out to Winnipeg tomorrow afternoon. I’m looking at around noon or something. Maybe shortly after, whenever James H can sneak off work. I have to get cracking on finding a decent hotel that has a good location and high-speed net access. That really narrows it down, doesn’t it?

Back to the daily grind. I’m at 21 calls… closed two and got about three just now. Holy shat nuts, I’ll never clear it away at this rate. Government people should stop complaining about every little thing and let me have some R&R!!!

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