Enpitsu No Yume.

I’ve been contemplating about getting a G5. For the things I want to do on it, it seems like the ideal choice. I can work on the manga I’m doing, as well as some of the video projects I’ve been looking at.

Ah, the manga project. I’ve officially changed the name of the HIOS Life V beta manga project into Enpitsu No Yume, which roughly translates into “Pencil Dreams”. I already redesigned the characters I had and added 12 more. The first chapter has also been written up. So far, it’s going good. I just have to design the rest of the characters.

However, I just haven’t drawn anything ever since I did that manga cover, which will probably be scrapped now. Everytime I sat down to start drawing, something interrupted me. I thought I could do something over the weekend, but I got sick. I think I have a cold flu or something. That sucks.

Hopefully, I can finally clear away some of the backlog at work this week. I have a pile of scrap paper I can do sketches on, and I intend to take advantage of it.

I played a lot of Xenosaga this weekend, in preparation for the upcoming domestic release of Xenosaga 2 and the new Xenosaga TV anime.

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