Evil Spending

I had no choice but to buy four bookshelves today. My brother cleaned up his room yesterday, so I finally decided to move my stuff from my parents’! Isn’t that crazy? Anyway, I had too much stuff because Eugene needed to use two of my bookshelves. Oh, well, they clashed with the rest of my bookshelves. I also had to buy lunch for Eugene to pay him for helping me out. So, today, I lost $90. Maybe I’ll fix a computer for somebody and earn back the money. ;_;

So, today, Eugene officially announced that Robin is his girlfriend. Robin was calling my parents’ house almost everyday, and at late hours in the night. But, I guess they like each other, so Eugene is now dating Robin. She seems like a nice girl, although a bit tall for Eugene, but I guess some girls like short men?

So, anyway, Lea (my first love) and I came to an agreement. Just see what fate decides to do with us and live our lives until then. No way, I’m saving up the money to go see her next year. We are practically e-mailing everyday and chatting as much as possible. Might as well go see her, even if we can’t be together there, but at least I can be close to her. Affairs of the heart can be so complicated, but… I hope it’s worth it in the end.

So, my room has two huge bags full of my stuff. I just finished assembling the bookshelves, and after chatting with Lea, I’m gonna go watch Love Hina with James-see. Forget about unpacking. I was also gonna do the website redesign. So much for that. And now Trillian is acting bonkers.

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