Exit The Matrix

I passed Enter The Matrix last night! w00t!

Kind of a long story, but i’ll repeat it again, since I explained it in a comment.

I had a bad day yesterday. Lost two big sales to Dennis, and he was acting like a jerk just because I was downloading music instead of putting out stock. I wasn’t doing personal stuff, I was just making a new CD for the store. Besides, I was only queuing up songs so that they’d be finished by the time stock was put out. Also, he gave me crap because Dave, a guy I know in town, came in and started asking me questions about Bell ExpressVu hacking. Dennis was a real prick about it, because we’re not supposed to talk about it in the store, especially since we’re being recorded on tape. The stupid thing about it is the fact that Dennis programs these cards on the side! To make things even more stupid with him, he went and shut off the VCR and told the guy what to do with the program. Ass.

Anyway, as if that was bad enough, I got into a fight with my parents, and it was actually their fault first! Anyway, it was a stupid fight that should never have happened, so i don’t wanna record it down. When I went home, my first instinct was to play Enter The Matrix, when who should I find on the TV playing it first? I told him to give me the controller first, no buts. He said he just started playing it, but I told him tough luck, I didn’t get a chance to play two nights ago, and I was mighty pissed off at him because of it. Grudgingly, he relinquished the PS2 controller to me, but his distaste soon faded and he was giving me pointers on some of the areas to go through. I was really glad that I finally finished the darn thing. I guess I won’t have to buy the game after all! XD

So, everytime I visit Ian and Alanna, I’m just gonna start moving down some minor stuff here and there. Sounds good? Good. Ian seems to agree with the idea.

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  1. He shut off the security camera? Man, he should get caught for that one. Rat him out! :P

  2. *flashes her $1000 radio shack card* can i use this to buy a visit?? *laughs*

  3. Unfortunately, I can’t, because ratting him out means ratting us all out. All of us have hacked Bell like crazy. I was just saying that he didn’t have to be a prick about it.

  4. He shouldn’t be a prick about things like that. Dispite all of you doing it, he’s the manager, so he should have been chiding you from the get-go about that. Jackass.

  5. Hehehe…

  6. Assistant manager. And it’s not even official yet. And I still have more seniority than he does. And I’m also more responsible, too. And WAY MORE modest. *snickers*

  7. *L* take that as a no

  8. rosicrucian says

    Aww, man.. Karisa wouldn’t give me ANY pointers when I went through after her. You’re all just so.. mean ~_~;

  9. We’ll see. Maybe we’ll all make a road trip someday soon.

  10. We’re only mean because there is no spoon.

  11. *laughs* interesting

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