Fat Paycheck?

Well, I dunno about that, but that’s what everybody’s saying at work. So far, my first week at Radio Shack has been a blast. I like having a job that gives me the freedom to pretty much do anything in any order. Not only that, but all my colleagues and my boss seems to think of me as a godsend or something. Stacey, my boss, keeps telling me that I’m the best new employee she’s ever gotten during her term as manager, and she even bragged to her own boss. I guess I’m flattered? Hahaha. I’m a quick study when it comes to computers, and I’ve had eight years of experience with customer service and financial transactions, so this job is kind of a culmination of those efforts. I think that the best part about the job is the funny customer service methods that are drilled into your head in the training videos. Hahaha.

“You can’t expect sales to come to you, YOU have to make the effort!”
“Avoid using sentences that don’t use who, what, where, when, which, how, and ‘let me tell you…’.”

And who invented the word, “spiff”? It sounds more like an automotive term than a bonus commission incentive.

“Would you like the extended warranty plan with that?”
“Extended warranty plan for a battery?”

Hahahaha. I love this job because the things we have to say and do are so wacky! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of answering the phone with, “Good afternoon, Radio Shack, your answer store. This is Hann speaking.” Hahahaha! My sides hurt!

Still, the sales aren’t bad. A weird commission system. From what my colleague tells me, I’m going to get a “fat” paycheck. Why? I only sold two computers, a monitor, and other odds and ends that total to about $3500 in sales this week so far. Is that supposed to make a difference? I dunno, I’m just the new guy, so I’m still not sure about it, which is funny since the manager keeps leaving me alone in the store for 30 minutes at a time (she requires coffee breaks or something). She’s a funny boss. I’m happy that she trusts and has confidence in me so much, but I think she disappears just a bit too much. She’s either lazy to work or eager to see how I perform. Either way, can’t hate her, since she’s so fun! It’s too bad she’s leaving at the end of this month. Too many SKU’s, so little time!

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  1. Bring your “FAT” paycheck to me and I’ll make sure it goes into a safe place ^_~ . . . sugar-moogie, bwahahaha >D


  2. I’ll NEVER get to Japan at this rate!!

  3. o.o;???


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