Finally, DVD!

Well, I placed an order with Cinemate this morning. Here’s my order as follows:

My Left Eye Sees Ghosts (HK DVD)
Summer Holiday (HK DVD)
Tricky Brains (HK DVD)

Now that I think of it, buying C-Pop and Chinese DVD movies is probably my cheapest collectional hobby. Interesting, ne? Probably not to you, at any rate…

I finally broke down and bought a DVD-ROM drive from Radio Shack for my poor Mai-chan, which desperately needs one so that I can watch DVD’s when James-see is occupying the TV downstairs. I can finally watch Princess D!!! Hahahaha. The drive was tagged as $99.99, but when it got punched in, it was only $69.99! What an awesome mark down, especially with my 15% employee discount.

After coming up with a reasonable budget – $500 to my Visa and $500 to my Line of Credit, which leaves me with $500 of spending money – I decided to give James-see the go-ahead to order my leather recliner from Sears. He’s probably gonna go with an identical one, so we’ll be like Chandler and Joey. Hahahaha. Anyway, I’m gonna hit the sack now. I’m not gonna get enough hours of sleep and I have to pull the 13 hour shift tomorrow… X_x

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