The weekend was pretty relaxing… TOO relaxing! Friday night, Mom and I started watching Kimi Wa PET. What a hilarious and unbelievable drama. I loved it! I tried to get Mom to watch PEACH GIRL, but she didn’t like it too much. I guess Sae can be too much for anybody.

But not for me. I love Sae. She’s so bad! Mind you, I would hate to know one in real life. I’m just glad I don’t stick out at all.

I got in my KOTOKO LIVE TOUR 2004 DVD and Kuribayashi Minami’s Shining Days Re-Product & Remix CD. The day I got it, I sat down and watched KOTOKO’s DVD from beginning to end. I have yet to sift through the bonus material on Disc 2, but for some strange reason, my PC is not playing LPCM audio properly. The main performance, however, was absolutely spectacular. She did an awesome job, and I wish I was there in person to see her, but alas, I’ve yet to even visit Nihon.

Check this out – I’m a big fan of Kuribayashi Minami and pretty much any other kind of anime music (you know the kind – mid-90’s J-Pop style with かわいいの声), but I had no idea that Shining Days was the Mai-HiME OP until I heard it. Hahahaha. I’m really starting to like yozuca as well, even though she doesn’t quite fit the bill. The music is still good; I’ll have to look into buying an album.

My Current Wallpaper at Work – Sagara Noriko
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Posting half-naked Japanese idol photos is my secret to luring people into reading my blog. Sex sells in society these days, and I’m afraid I’ve fallen for their traps. I had a revelation while I was driving to work today. I realized that I don’t like feminists. Now, hear me out. I’m all for feminism. One of my best friends works at a towing truck company, does all the menial labor around the house, and pretty much takes care of her husband (she’s cute, to boot). Times are a-changing these days. Watching Kimi Wa PET really stressed that fact. What’s wrong with men and women reversing their roles in dominance these days? There are men who depend on their parents even into their late 30’s (crap, I hope I don’t turn out like that), and these are men who need a strong female figure in their lives. There are also couples out there who need a balance of both. Whatever works, it’s the way people need to live their lives. However, feminism (and chauvinism, might I add), doesn’t sit well with me. Feminists and chauvinists are people who are forcing their beliefs of power over the other gender down our throats. I hate that. They are people who are oversensitive to really minor things like, say, holding a door open for somebody of the opposite sex. Holy crap, some people are just courteous, they did not go looking for the next Chernobyll. Don’t forget about chauvinists belittling women to be nothing more than housewives. When you think about it, though, feminists and chauvinists are akin to Hitler. There, I said it.

I believe that we should all be nice to each other. That’s my answer to any question, comment, or flame I might get for this post. We all like different things, and if we want to like them, we shouldn’t let anybody else get in the way of that. As long as we treat people nicely in our manner and our speech, there should be no reason why I can’t post photos of half-naked Japanese idols on my blog.

Ulterior motive. ^_~

Current Music: KOTOKO – Re-sublimity

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  1. Kimi wa Petto When you think about it, though, feminists and chauvinists are akin to Hitler.

    XD I’m not a feminist, but nor do I think leaving females out of things like education or votes is the right thing to do. I honestly don’t care much for those who are cheerleaders for women’s right. But again, if it wasn’t for historical feminist figures, I would probably be subjected to an early marriage, and forced to do cooking, cleaning, knitting and whatnot. All of which I hate and couldn’t do well to save my life… :P I’m one of those lazy people who lets others do all the work and reap the rewards of the past females for their voice against “stereotypical female roles.” *sits on border line*

    – Yukiko

  2. Yay yay, Yukiko!! ^_^

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