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Takizawa Nonami

Although my new web design is up, don’t expect everything to work or look right. I haven’t even tested it in Internet Explorer, nor do I think I ever will. IE is a very bad browser that doesn’t conform to the standards specified in the XHTML and CSS guidelines. Not only that, but I’m sure you’ve heard of the security holes in IE. If you haven’t, you should probably read this article. Although I’m not an MCSE, I still stand by a lot of Microsoft’s products. WinXP is one of the best and most stablest OSes that MS has released to date, provided that the user between the keyboard and chair knows how to keep it running smoothly. I’ve tried many a productivity suite, but none surpasses the sheer beauty of Microsoft Office. Simple in design, feature-rich under the covers. Don’t forget that Microsoft has designed the world’s best mouse, in my opinion. I’ve tried many of Logitech’s offerings, and although they were very good and reliable units, they still fall short of the ergonomic design and innovation that Microsoft has put into their Intellimouse Explorer model. The only real shortcoming of Microsoft is Internet Explorer. Well, that and Windows ME, but that’s in the past. Anyway, I digress. If my website looks funny in your browser, you’re probably using IE.

So, there was a fire across from my house just this afternoon! I was watching SCHOOL RUMBLE while eating lunch when Eugene walked in the front door and told us about it. It was crazy, our entire street and the one perpendicular to it was closed and blocked off to accommodate the insane amount of fire engines, fire trucks, police vehicles, and other nonsensical crap. The key point to note here was that nobody was in the house! It was a house that was being rented out, but the owner currently had no tenants.

I found another cool extension for Firefox the other day – Download Statusbar. Very interesting little thing that negates the need for the Download Manager Tweak extension and the download manager itself.

Ah… I’m taking a break from the redesign. After all, the main template is done and I’ve spent enough time on it. You might notice that the Blogger bar at the top is gone. I had no choice – it was messing with my CSS layouts. Anyway, I’m gonna sit down and draw – haven’t done that in a while. I’ve been having an idea for a new manga, but I won’t say anything about it because everytime I voice an idea, something comes up that either delays it or stops it from even being started. Needless to say, I’m gonna doodle and see where it takes me.

Current Music: Horie Yui – All My Love (Album Mix)

Just listening to Yui-chan’s album, Sky. Yui-chan has the cutest voice – I think she’s become the next Hayashibara Megumi. She’s already taken on a countless number of seiyuu roles, and she even lent a voice to the popular PC RPG, MAGNA CARTA. Speaking of which, MAGNA CARTA for PS2 is going to be released domestically this fall by Atlus. Good job, Atlus – we can always count on you!

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