First Blogger Post

I’ve been on LiveJournal for the longest time, and it’s a pain in the butt to figure out their S2 style system. So, I’m giving Blogger a shot to see if it’ll suit my needs a bit better. If all goes well, I may switch all my personal posts over permanently. If not, then this Blog will go bye-bye.

That’s all for now. Read my LiveJournal if you want to know a bit more about me. Mind you, my LJ has become something of a media site than a personal weblog.

UPDATE: I’ve figured out how to change the hosting to my website. So, if all goes well, I should slowly be transitioning everything over and having my Blog take the place of my Rant.

Additional Resources

The one with all the Lesson Reviews.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this blog ever since I started using Hummingbird last fall. So, I decided to try an idea of mine called Lesson Reviews. Essentially, it’s more of a “what I learned from X anime” than a review, but the thing is, there will be good and […]

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