First Sunday

Worked the first Sunday of the Christmas hours. Man, it’s really gonna suck, because I’ll be missing every Sunday meeting from now until after Christmas. Bah. Stupid fakey holiday anyway.

In case nobody knows, I don’t celebrate Christmas. It doesn’t mean I won’t take advantage of the time off. It gives me time to just chill and not worry about work for two days (unless we’re open Boxing Day). I miss school, where December holidays meant two weeks, not two days. Grr.

I’m totally hooked on the live action Sailormoon!! Nipponsei FINALLY released the CD single so I can bop my head to the OP and the VOC all day long. Those Sailor Senshi actresses are cute too, especially Mars, who happens to be my favorite in the anime as well. Can’t wait for the next episode!

Final Fantasy X-2 was finally released here in town. I’ll probably rent it tomorrow morning instead of buying it – I wasted my cash on Final Fantasy X, and I only played the damn thing for 30 minutes. Better to check if it’s a worthy buy first, wouldn’t you agree? Never believe the hype except your own, I always think. ^_^

Current Anime: Tenshi Na Konamaiki – 29 [A-E]

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  1. If you didn’t beat FFX, FFX-2 will make NO sense at all. Sort of like seeing Revolutions without seeing Reloaded.

  2. You mean Revolutions comes AFTER Reloaded???? O_o

    Hahaha, thanks for the heads-up, bro. I think I’ll be playing FFX much to my chagrin if I want to see Yuna and Rikku all cutesy and still understand the storyline.

  3. ryoji_kaji007 says

    At least you get days off for thr holiday man I will be lucky to have christmas off. Lousy 24/7 job.

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