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Iwasa Mayuko

I just finished watching the first episode of Ganbatte Ikimasshoi!, and it was awesome! Anne Suzuki stars as the main character, but it came as a shock to me when I saw that Iwasa Mayuko was in it too! Definitely a JDrama to keep watching.

So, the loan was approved. I dropped it down from 10K to 4K, since I plan to fix my car instead. In a way, this will help me learn more about cars in general. As a bonus, my monthly loan payments dropped substantially!

I went on eBay and found some parts to fix my car with – a grill and a hood. I also picked up a spoiler as well – once I get back from Winnipeg next month, I plan to put my car in the shop, fix the rest of the problems, and get the car re-painted. One of my tires popped a couple days ago, all the threads coming loose, so I went to Canadian Tire and bought totally brand-new tires. I plan to replace the rims down the line too. At this point, MPI will only have to cover my parts, the labour, and the windshield. Not bad. However, I plan to get the hood and grill fixed right away, that is, if the parts come in before I’m in the city. I plan on doing most of the work myself, so that’ll be good. If I have more time, I might even read up on doing body work so I can get repairs done myself. After doing some work on my car with my Dad, I surprisingly enjoyed it, and even felt a sense of accomplishment for getting the job done myself. Maybe it’s imprinted in men to enjoy fixing cars. Hahaha.

Today, I have to go order a spare tire for my trunk, as well as some spark plugs, if they don’t have any in the store. When I go down to the city, I’ll have some surplus cash due to my lower loan payments, so I plan to pick up an amp and a couple of 10″ subs for my car. It occurred to me that getting 12″ would take up too much room in my trunk, and I don’t want that, really. I plan to get a car jack and some tools to put in the trunk as well. I might have to fashion some kind of compartment for the trunk to avoid damaging the sub box that’s going to be in there.

This Altima is going to be nice by the time I’m done with it – I have big plans. Everybody keeps telling me to buy a new one because it’ll cost too much to fix this car, but there’s much to be said about money and value. I just won’t bother saying it here.

Current Music: Ueda Masami – Dante & Trish ~ Seeds of Love (Staff Roll)

Devil May Cry arguably has the best soundtrack of the series. There was a lot of innovation and melody that went into this production than any of its successors. In particular, this song has a great ending that starts out high-paced and ends with a beautiful melody. If you can find a place to buy it, I recommend this soundtrack above the others.

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