Flin Flon – not bad at all.

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Morishita Chisato

So, my final thoughts about Flin Flon – if I had to go there to work again with an extended overnight stay, you won’t hear any complaints from me. The hotel is right next door to all the modern essentials – Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, and Extra Foods (I would have preferred Safeway, but this will do).

So, took care of the backlog when I got back into town, fixed a few computers, earned some extra cash with which to put into my Visa… and I’m going right back to Flin Flon on Tuesday. Stan obviously doesn’t want me to stay the night, so I have to go there early, do my job, and leave the same day. Well, I’ll be collecting OT for that.

Anyway, I might be applying for a job at MTS. We’ll see what happens. I’m starting to get used to this job of mine. It’s a great location to fix computers in, and I have tons of resources at my fingertips. Although the pay is subpar, it sure beats the hell out of what I made at previous jobs.

Just backed up a whole load of dorama and anime to DVD. I freed up 24 GB of space!!! Pretty crazy. I have to start backing up the old stuff I have here, but it would require copying entire series to my hard drive before I can start backing up en masse.

So, Mortal Kombat – Shaolin Monks is coming out this month. Dammit, I need to save some more cash so I can pick it up. I’m so excited to get this game and sink my teeth into it. It’s hilarious – I don’t like watching blood and gore shows and I have a weak stomach for that stuff, yet I’ve played every single MK game ever made and the fatalities didn’t faze me. Maybe because it’s over-represented? Friends – Season 10 is finally being released in November, so I’m setting aside some cash for that. Unrelated, but The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy is out on DVD at the same time as Mortal Kombat – Shaolin Monks. My purchases for that day is going to break a record for purchases made in Thompson for the past few months.

Current Music: Raquel Joseph – My Body (Blake’s Secret Agent Mix)

This was a free sample track off the FL Studio application. Apparently, Miss Joseph is an independent artist, but I have yet to locate any more of her work. I’d also like to hear the original version, as the effects on her vocals make her sound like a helicopter – cool, but kind of flambuoyant. Regardless, this is a pretty good song.

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