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Well, before heading off to work yesterday, I actually cleaned my room like I said I would! やった!! However, I didn’t finish yet. I have to do some moving around to make space for my future PC space. However, it’s not too bad since most of my unused stuff is packed away into easiy accessible storage cases. I’m thinking about lining up my bookshelves in a square in the center of my room. It would definitely be better, but it would be あぶない if anything knocks into it. Also, the bookshelves are wider than two sides put together, so I would have to leave empty space in the middle of them. That would make them less stable, unless I scrunch the centers together or something. Here are diagrams of what I’m talking about.

As you can see, I could use the left if I was certain that nothing would happen to the bookshelves. However, it’s more susceptible to falling. Also take into account the fact that I’ll have two bookshelves stacked on top of each other, since they are short in height. A fun thing I could do is hammer on a flat piece of wood on the bottom of them so that I could add wheels and make them mobile, then throw my clothes basket in the middle. Hahaha, it’s only a thought, though, but it would make moving a lot easier!! Well, I’ll be trying both methods out first. Worse comes to worse, I’ll toss in extra shelves in the middle to space it out. I could even use the middle shelves as a storage space for my lesser-used (Hello Kitty memorabilia) or delicate stuff.

Anyway, my J-Pop CDs arrived in the mail today! Whoo-hoo, I didn’t get charged customs this time! ラッキー! Hamasaki Ayumi’s H CD has that big ugly “COPY CONTROL CD” logo on the front, but I tried ripping it anyway. No luck, it chokes at 3%, even if you do each track individually. avexはくそやろですね!ほんとに! Ah, well, I guess I’ll have to hook up my Archos MP3 Jukebox Recorder to my PS2 again so that I can record the songs. I used the Jukebox once before to record the remix of UNITE! that I made in my “A Visual Mix” PS2 game. If you want, you can download that song here. Just right-click so that you download it and not stream it to your Winamp or something. Optionally, you can log on to WinMX and download it directly from me. I have it shared. ^_^

Anyway, I’m gonna kick back with hitomi’s thermo plastic CD! It has one of my most favorite songs, MADE TO BE IN LOVE, on it. すごい!

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  1. @_@ YOU SO NEED TO MOVE TO THE STATES!! WE’D HAVE SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! *DOWNLOADS HIS REMIX OF “UNITE!”* Hey, have you had any luck rippin’ CD’s before that are copy protected? (

  2. Hehehehe, no kidding! I’m actually considering doing that, but for now, I have to stay here until my parents’ restaurant finally closes its doors. I await the day when I can be rude to the customers… WAHAHAHAHA!!

    Hehehe, let me know how that remix sounds. I put it on CD and stuck it in the van for a while, and it sounded okay, but I could be wrong. ^_^

    I WAS able to rip Free & Easy, but I used AudioCatalyst. I had to rip it on my brother’s computer using his DVD-ROM drive, and doing it with Dynamic Synch Width and one track at a time. Haven’t used CloneCD before. Don’t know why. O_o

    Pix! You must post pix of your hair cut!!!

    Sayonara saigo-sa? “Goodbye different end”? Hahaha, must be Naihango, the freak brother of Engrish! Bad Japanese, bad English! ^_^

    Have you ever listened to TUBE? They are an old J-Pop guy band from the early 90’s with a strange fixation for summer and love in their songs. Hehehe! I was just reminded of them by your Naihango phrase, because one of their songs is Sayonara Yesterday. If you ever get a chance to download their songs, you should check out Shounan My Love and Natsu Da Ne. Those are my favorites. Well, I have tons, but those are my most favorites! Ahh… nothing like early 90’s guitar J-Pop…

  3. YES!! It is NAIhango!! >D Someone who actually NOTICES!! *hugs* Yep, your mix was pretty good! :D I wanna do a mix of Ayu’s some day ;_; But I’d have a hard time figurin’ out what to do with it and WHAT song to use X_x

    I’m glad to hear the rip worked!! :D I haven’t tried it yet, but with this new order of CD’s that came in (ALL copy protected) I think I’ll have to get REAL friendly with the process -__-; damn you avex . . .

    I’ll try to d/l some tube. I’ve seen them ’round the J-pop world, but never payed much attention D OH~ And the states await you!~ But don’ be rude to customer ;_; unless they are rude and don’ tip, then you spit in their shit ~_~

  4. YAY! Naihango! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the mix… the game also lets you remix Endless sorrow, but I haven’t played with that song much …

    H still doesn’t rip… ;_; Avex is pissing me off. I’ll… I’ll go to Toshiba EMI!! I swear! Hehehe.

    I’ve only been to the States once, and it was in April to visit a friend in Minnesota. I hope to return to the States again, even if it’s just for a visit. Everything is just so cool there! I miss the Icees and Ruffles 3-D’s!!! -_-

  5. Heh, white cherry and coke mixed are my favorite flavor!! >D Yes, Hikki’s new album wasn’t copy protected ._. and she’s sold BUKU’s of albums

  6. Nooooooooooooooo kidding…

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