Future Orders

Here is a list I compiled of my next order at CDJapan.

Sonin: Curry Rice No Onna (Single)
Nakashima Mika: TRUE (Album)
Uehara Takako: GLORY ~Kimi Ga Irukara~ (Single)
Uehara Takako: kiss you Jounetsu (Single)
BoA: Listen To My Heart (Album)
Hamasaki Ayumi: Voyage (Single)
Shimatani Hitomi: Shanty (Album)
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040: Priss Asagiri (Sudo Akira) Vocal Collection as Sekiria (Album)
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040: Original Soundtrack1 (Album)
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040: Original Soundtrack2 (Album)
Chobits: Original Soundtrack 001 (Album)
Chobits: Original Soundtrack 2 (Album Pre-Order)
Chobits (ROUND TABLE): Let me be with you (Single)

My only problem right now is deciding which items stay and which items go. I’m currently in love with Sonin’s newest single, the Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 BGM’s and Priss’ vocal tracks, but it all depends on how much I get paid next week, from both of my jobs combined (and if I can collect the money owed to me for computer work on the side). Cross my fingers that I get to order all of these! Hahahaha.

Below is the future order I’ve made from DVDShelf that I also plan to get simultaneously:

My Left Eye Sees Ghosts (DVD)
Summer Holiday (DVD)
Love On A Diet (DVD)
Needing You (DVD)
Wu Yen (DVD)
Blind Romance (DVD)
Love Undercover (DVD)
La Brassiere (DVD)
Expect a Miracle (DVD)
Shaolin Soccer (DVD)
Para Para Sakura (DVD)
Love Generation Hong Kong (DVD)
Princess D (DVD)
City Hunter (DVD)
Tokyo Raiders (DVD)
Fly Me To Polaris (DVD)
Sammi Cheng: Becoming (New Version Album AVCD)
Sammi Cheng: Letting Go (Album CD + Bonus CD)
Sammi Cheng: Complete (Album CD)
Leon Lai: Homework (Album CD + VCD)

Again, I will be choosing only a select few. Don’t want to spend all my money at once, after all!!! This was a pretty boring post, more of a reminder to myself for what to spend my money on!!

I’m also looking into buying a used car, since parts for the poor 1983 Accord LX (in my driveway) are getting harder to come by.

Additional Resources

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  1. Uehara Takako: GLORY ~Kimi Ga Irukara~ (Single)
    Uehara Takako: kiss you Jounetsu (Single)
    BoA: Listen To My Heart (Album)
    Hamasaki Ayumi: Voyage (Single)
    Shimatani Hitomi: Shanty (Album)

    Those are the only ones I know really, but the ones in bold are the MUST get’s of that order ^_^ What for Takako’s album to come out. Like Hiro, her singles don’ merit a purchase :\

    AND GET A CIVIC!! ^_^~ Honda’s a GREAT cars AND ’cause I said so! ;p PET ME! :D


  2. Oh, sure, gang up on the singles! ^_^

    Well, I’m still waiting for her album, but it’s taking forever to come out!!! Mooooooouuuu!!

    Civic! Hahaha, actually, I had a Civic in mind too! It’s too bad most of them are out of my price range… ;_; *needs higher paying job with less hours*

  3. Even a used on?? e.e; What are you wantin’ to do? Finance? Lease? Pay cash in full??


  4. Pay cash in full, of course. The last thing I need is another bill to weigh me down. However, the ones I want are usually up in the several thousand dollar range, so I gotta save money before I can go ahead and get a car. Besides, if I go with a cheaper car, I’ll have that much more money to go towards a summer in Japan. I live in a small town, so I don’t really need to worry about a long-term car. However, nobody has the ones I want, and I don’t wanna travel out of the province to get it! X_x

  5. A car is one of the few things it’s ok to make payments and have a bill on dude . . .


  6. I dunno… maybe. Like I said, I live in a small town anyway, so even if I don’t get a car, I’m not gonna cry. Everything is within 30 minutes walking distance anyway. Well, we’ll see how much I earn, and maybe I’ll finance a new car or something… too bad there are no Honda or Toyota dealerships up here. I’d have to go down to the city to get one. Ai-yah!

  7. EBAY all the WAY!! :D See, it even rhymes ^_^`


  8. I checked eBay… nothing for me there except dreams and stuff… I’d prefer to get a stock Civic and then trick it out bit by bit…

  9. Why a sedan??


  10. Eh?? Sedan??? What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis?

  11. Sedan = 4 Door

  12. Ohhhhhhhhh… well, no, I’m hoping to get a 2-door only… sorry, I didn’t specify what kind of Civic… hehehe! I’ll probably go with a Civic Coupe, since that is the only non-sedan model available in Canada… unless I can find somebody locally selling US models… although an S2000 would be sw3333333333t!!! Hahahaha!

  13. Good LUCK on an S2000 Mr. “Don’ wanna spend money” ^_~ That’d run ya in the $30,000 US range!


  14. Hehehehe… I can always dream, ne?

  15. Cum talk to meh ^_~


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